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About Us

To the uninitiated, skateboards and longboards are painted planks of wood with roller skate wheels attached.... BUT to the enlightened our products are complex devices, highly engineered and when mastered, allow thrashers to govern its use.

Scuffz Board Supply is an online skateshop based out in Los Angeles, California. Back in 2001 our focus was on selling entry-level and pro model skateboards but recently we’ve geared more towards longboards. We carry a variety of longboard shapes that tailor to all riding styles. Whether you plan to cruise down by the beach or bomb some hills we have you covered.

Saving cash shouldn't mean sacrificing quality and we agree with that 100%. We stand behind our products and are here to help if you have any questions. We currently carry longboards, skateboards, and mini cruisers and are still in the process of adding new items so come back and check us out again when you have the chance! In addition, we also carry blank decks, trucks, bearings, wheels, griptape, hardware, and safety equipment.

We’re currently offering free shipping on all orders over $25 in the continental US. Are you wondering why we receive so many product reviews? It’s simple! We offer free gifts by simply liking our Facebook page, liking the item(s) you purchased on the product page, and leaving a review. Make sure to leave your full name and order# so that we know who to ship to!


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