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Best longboard for a beginner?

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We frequently get asked what's the best beginner longboard around this time a year but before I dive into into it let me explain each longboard shape has it's own unique qualities that differentiate them from each other. In addition, longboarders have different riding styles and expectations for their boards so I'll be talking about a few boards that might tailor to the average users needs. If you have any questions that aren't covered here please feel free to contact us through phone or email.

That being said let me present a few of my go-to complete longboards.

Pintail White Digital Wave Longboard Complete

This pintail White Digital Wave complete is a great choice for beginners who envision themselves cruising down by the beach soaking up sun and scenery. The pintail teardrop-shaped deck is the most suitable for beginners because the shape and cut-outs prevents the wheel from contacting with the board while still providing ample footspace. 

If you're digging the shape but the price is a above your budget than look no further than our blank pintail longboard completes. They come in multiple stained colors and ship with the same hardware as our graphic completes.





Kicktail Yin Yang Longboard Complete

This kicktail Yin Yang complete is more tailored more towards students trying to navigate around campus. It's concave makes it easier to take tighter turns around corners and the kicktail makes it that much easier when you want to pick it up. Get caught up with the daily grind of going to school all week? Well it's time to get back in focus and put your worldly concerns on the back burner. With this board you can get your zen on as your cruise to your next class.

We also carry blank kicktail longboard completes if you're a student strapped for cash. They also come in multiple stained colors and ship with the same hardware as our graphic longboard completes.




If you're for  cheap longboards than look no further. When we say cheap longboards, we're definitely talking about prices. Saving cash shouldn't mean sacrificing quality and we agree with that 100%. We stand behind our products and are here to help if you have any questions. Finding a cheap longboard online isn't easy so we've created this page to list all the sales that we have on our already very low prices. Shop knowing that we'll take care of you if any problem should arise. We guarantee our longboards and skateboads against any manufacture defect.

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