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Customer satisfaction is very important to us so we're always glad to hear when we're doing things right. If you'd like to leave us any comments or suggestions feel free to fill out the form on the Contact Us page. Here's a handful of reviews/comments from some very happy customers.

"I'm loving this board!! It fits me very well and my father is happy too. He was afraid the boar would not get to me until later this month, but you guys have great service. It's perfect :)" - Jaden, Punked Drop Through Yin Yang Longboard Complete, 12/26/2014

"Purchased as a Christmas gift...Great board for the price. It's my first longboard, so I didn't want to spend over $200. Looks great, and quality seems good. Looking forward to trying it!" - Kevin Dillon, Lowrider Blank Longboard Complete, 12/26/2014

"Recieved my board yesterday and I have done nothing but ride my board. I was able to get the board forless then $100 and that was great." - Morgan Q., Punked Kicktail Beach Longboard Complete, 12/26/2014

"This longboard is the best I've had, hands down!I really like how light weight it is compared to other boards." - Jacob G., Punked Kicktail Patriot Longboard Complete, 12/25/2014

"I was very satisfied with this product. For the price, I would highly recommend it if you are just starting out, or you are new to long boarding. Will be buying from them in the future." - Luke Bundros, Drop Through Blank Longboard Complete, 12/25/2014

"This board is awsome it goes through hills like a rocket and also the gliding is wicked cool. I would totally recommend this brand." - Mikel Martin, Punked Drop Through Yin Yang Longboard Complete, 12/24/2014

"Since my 16 year old has a long board my second son has wanted one for awhile. So for his December birthday we got him this board and he LOVES it! Now if it would just quit raining long enough for him to use it. My seven year old has already requested one for his birthday and my older son is going to purchase one with his Christmas money. Great board!!" - Mom to 4 boys, Punked Pintail Black Digital Wave Longboard Complete, 12/16/2014

"This board was perfect. I bought it for my boyfriend and he loved it, it rides so smoothly and is great with turns. The wood finish is nicer from up close and I love the grip tape design. It not only feels great but also looks great too." - Elena Pastrana, Lowrider Blank Longboard Complete, 12/09/2014

"This product is amazing for cruising, and if you're late to somewhere just hope on it and it'll take you where you need to be! I couldn't have asked for a smoother board." - Kim Briggs, Punked Drop Down White Digital Wave Longboard Complete, 12/06/2014

"Love the blank deck for such a cheap price. Thank you Scuffz!" - Ryan, Natural Blank Skateboard Deck , 12/01/2014

"I ordered this kit purely becasue it was one of the cheapest I could find for a test board I made. Not expecting top quality... After getting the kit shipped to my house much earlier than planned, I popped it together and took it for a test run. Trucks respond well and the wheels ride fairly smooth This kit is well worth the price." - Dan, HD7 Longboard Kit - White, 12/01/2014

"I found these trucks to be very satisfactory. After a little breaking in they make a smooth ride. Not to mention the matte black look on the trucks really makes the contrast in the white wheels really pop. Definitely recommend!" - Dr. Salt, HD7 Longboard Kit - White, 11/27/2014

"I recently bought this board and I love it. It's fun to ride around town now with my friends and it's fun to ride around my schools campus. I think it's a great board and I do recommend getting one if your looking for a new board." - Justin, Scuffz Pintail Longboard Complete, 11/07/2014

"I built my own longboard and I ordered the polished trucks with the longboard kit to finish the job. I have not really longboarded except the last couple weeks and I could not be happier with this product. These wheels, bearings, and trucks helped me to keep up with my "experienced rider" friends who claimed their whole board cost over $300. Easy to install. Easy to adjust. Great product for any beginner and I am sure they would work great for any experience level. Awesome wheel color options too. I went with Blue wheels and I love the look." - Dominick Utrie, HD7 Longboard Kit - Blue, 11/06/2014

"I bought myself a blank old school deck, and designed it myself and was looking for longboard trucks and wheels, so i could really cruise and get the best of both worlds; skating and longboarding. i bought these bad boys and they work great. i love skating with this board now more than any other i own." - Justin, 175mm / 9.675" Longboard Trucks - Black , 11/01/2014

"I have had this board for about a month and it is just great I have gone cruising with my friends and downhill so far I am faster than them because this is just an incredible board its nice and stable on downhill and the wheels are just amazing for downhill the stick very nicely to the road." - Ihojan Delacruz, Drop Down Blank Longboard Complete, 10/30/2014

"I just got my second shipment of these truck and wheel combos, and let me say they are great. I get a very smooth ride and good turns. Absolutely great, especially if you make your own boards." - Tyler Long, HD7 Longboard Kit - Blue, 10/14/2014

"Nothing but awesome! Way better board than my last one from a different company. And definitely worth the price I paid! Will enjoy this board for a long time, thank you!" - Chris Agnew, Punked Drop Down Black Digital Wave Longboard Complete, 10/03/2014

"I love this board!!!. the quality of the board is the best. it is so smooth and fast when riding turns nicely and is easy to control. for the price it is listed is great you can't find another board like this in stores or online if you tried besides here. this board is great i love it." - Conor Schmitz, Punked Drop Down Beach Longboard Complete, 09/24/2014

"Just got this deck, and it was ready to ride as soon as I took it out of the box! Jumped on and it rides amazing! Love this board, not over prices and you get a great product. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a board. Great buy!" - Dylon C De Baca, Fishtail Blank Longboard Complete, 09/23/2014

"My son and I build custom longboards with my own original artwork. We needed trucks and wheels for our stock set-up. The HD7 kit fit the bill perfectly. Cool looks and real good quality. We will be back for more." - Bob, HD7 Longboard Kit - Yellow, 09/22/2014

"It's my first longboard and you can't imagine how happy am I haha, I already brought it to my college and made good use of the floor between buildings! Keep up with the good job making awesome longboards guys!" - Cristian Canelón, Drop Down Blank Longboard Complete, 09/19/2014

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